WordPress Small Tasks Service

I will help you uploading text, images and making small changes to your site’s design

List of Tasks

Before I start working on your website it’s important that I understand your requirements. As soon as you send me your list of tasks , I’ll study your request and, if necessary, I will follow up with clarifications.

Input or Update Text

I can help you upload text to your website, create new pages and update existing content.

Upload or Update Images

I can help you upload or change images on your website, slider, and gallery.

Design Changes

Need assistance making changes to your website’s design? With a little bit of code, I can update your colors, fonts, and change the layout of your pages.

New Features

Interested in adding new functionality to your website? Perhaps you would like a newsletter, Instagram feed, or picture gallery? Simply tells me what’s needed and I’ll find the best way to get it done!


Once I complete the task. You will be asked to review your website and suggest any further changes or improvements.