WordPress Repair Service

I will help you repair your website right away . It will be super quick.

Analyzing the Problem

Before I start any repairs it’s important that I have a good understanding of the problem. To illustrate your issue, you can attach a screenshot to the support form. We’ll also debug your Ibsite and review your site’s error logs.

Plugin Conflicts

WordPress plugins are the best way to extend the functionality of your Ibsite, but they can be a source of conflict. If you’re running a faulty plugin, I’ll locate it, remove it and suggest an alternative when necessary.

Theme Errors

Theme errors are very common when troubleshooting a problematic WordPress Ibsite. We’ll either repair the faulty part of your theme or update your theme to its latest version.

Update Errors

For a WordPress Ibsite to run smoothly, four parts need to parts need to coherently work together: The database, the WordPress software, the theme, and plugins. In the case of an update error, I’ll manually update the faulty part.

Checkout Errors

For an e-Commerce Ibsite, encountering an error on the checkout page can have an immediate impact on the bottom line. Without delay, I’ll test and locate the faulty part in the checkout process to restore your store to operating order.


Once I complete the task. You will be asked to review your Ibsite and suggest any further changes or improvements.